Do I need a referral from my Doctor? 

The majority of our osteopathic patients self-refer.  A formal referral from your doctor is not necessary, however, more and more GP’s are referring patients to Osteopaths.

The practice has a good relationship with local medical professionals and we are happy to work with your doctor to establish the best course of action, although it is not necessary for your doctor to be informed that you are attending.

If you require treatment covered by Private Health Insurance, a GP referral may be necessary, so please check this with your Insurance Company.

Can I claim on my health insurance? 

Yes.  We are registered with most healthcare insurers, including AXA-PPP and BUPA.  We always recommend you speak to your insurer before your first appointment, if you are planning to claim for your treatment.

Can I bring a companion? 

Yes, of course. Having someone with you during your consultation and treatment may make you more comfortable to raise any concerns.

Will I receive treatment on my first visit? 

Most likely you will receive treatment on your first visit.  Very occasionally we may find your problem is unsuitable for an Osteopathic approach or may need investigating prior to commencing.

How many times will I have to attend? 

The number of appointments required varies according to the patients’ needs. Your Osteopath will discuss their findings and recommendations with you at your first session.  We will always endeavour to give you a clear idea of proposed management.  We aim to keep your appointments to a minimum but the number of sessions can obviously vary between one and several.

Does it hurt? 

Your Osteopath will tell you what to expect, and will always welcome your feedback so they can modify their approach if necessary.  Some soft tissue treatment may be uncomfortable.  Some patients may experience discomfort for a short time after treatment, this is usually nothing to worry about and is a normal, healthy response to treatment.